Artist Statement - Brian Schreiner

 To me the world is like a kaleidoscope constantly changing and evolving, providing endless sources to use as subject matter in creating my art. As an artist, I want my art to cause the viewer to contemplate the art and what it represents and to enjoy the work as they experience it in their own unique way.

 When I see an image that I would like to recreate, I contemplate the way I would like to present the image to the viewers of the piece. My purpose is to include the viewer in the piece in a way that is uniquely theirs. Whether the work is a painting, a sculpture or mural, my goal is to provide enjoyment and pleasure for the viewer.

 My artistic technique varies depending on the piece that I am creating at the time. Some of my work is commercial and some is created solely for the purpose of enjoyment. That enjoyment is what I feel when I am creating the work and hopefully my audience feels enjoyment and delight when they view the pieces.

 My artworks are well made pieces of art and constructed of permanent materials created to last for a lifetime